Glowing legs, absolutely!

Glowing legs, absolutely!

Hi, Sarah Shawyer here from The Sugaring Shed in Letchworth Garden City.

So during lockdown, I’ve been applying Tamara's Sweet Exfoliator Serum to my arms and legs daily! A little of this magic stuff goes a long way. Have you tried it yet?

Alongside my 2-3 weekly body brushing session (yes I really do what I recommend to my clients) I've been applying Sweet Exfoliator Serum after showering every day and it’s made my skin super soft and glowing! Even my husband commented on my legs whilst out on a walk, they were actually quite hairy at the time but they were glowing! Let's face it, we Sugaristas really miss Sugaring you and also need to carve out time to Sugar ourselves too! Needless to say, the glow detracted his eye from the hairs.

I digress, this powerful serum is packed with what I like to call "the good stuff", you've only got to turn the bottle over to see some of its amazing ingredients. Fortunately, they are ingredients that you’ll actually recognise, not unpronounceable chemical compounds. That’s a great sign of a great product.

This serum has Aloe Leaf Juice which is soothing, hydrating and rejuvenates the skin. Hyaluronic Acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acid to gently exfoliate your skin, so gentle you can use it daily. The best thing about it is you can use it all over...arms, legs and even face. Try applying it 3x time weekly to freshly cleansed skin for a bit of extra exfoliation that won't leave your skin red or irritated.

You can use this Serum alongside your regular Sugaring sessions (when we can get back to it again) or just use it now whilst we wait. 

You’ll enjoy the fab benefits now and your skin will be super prepped when we are back Sugaring, that way you’ll be glowing by summer!

Drop us any questions you have! You can find me on IG @thesugaringshed - See you soon! x Sarah

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